Work from home?  Turn your craft hobby into a business?  Is this possible?

Read Patrice Lewis’s book The Home Craft Business: How to Make it Survive and Thrive and find out if you have what it takes to become a craft entrepreneur.

Patrice Lewis draws on sixteen years’ worth of experience in running a home craft business with her husband.  Patrice’s name is familiar to hundreds of thousands of readers through The Crafts Report Magazine and Countryside Magazine on the subject of home craft businesses, and now she’s collected all her experience into one convenient e-book.


The Home Craft Business is packed with suggestions ranging from tax tips to sales techniques, from wholesaling to custom work.  Broken down into easy “lessons,” The Home Craft Business will guide you through the confusion of expanding a hobby into a business with the potential for some serious income.

•     Curious how to sell effectively without sounding like a used car salesman?  See page 145.

•     What do you do when nobody wants your product?  See page 50.

•     What is the best way to have a craft business in a bad economy?  See page 156.

•     Should you consign your craft products?  See page 126.

•     When should you quit your day job?  See page 80.

According to Patrice, those peppy commercials (Be Your Own Boss!  Work at Home!  Set Your Own Hours!  Spend More Time with your Family!) can come true if you’re willing to learn the business as well as the creative side of things.

The Home Craft Business is a powerful resource for enthusiastic crafters who need to distinguish between what has the potential to become a certifiable business, and what should remain a hobby.  It has twenty-three lessons packed into 165 pages of advice, examples, and tips on keeping your head above water as you carefully and safely build your home business.

Yes you can be your own boss.  Yes you can set your own hours and spend more time with your family.  Yes you can make a profit with your own creativity.  This book tells you how.

Only $19.95


60-day guarantee or your money back



Bear Poop and Applesauce: A Migration to the Country

It is a myth many people believe: that rural life is easy, bucolic, peaceful, and cheap. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. But one thing is certain: there aren’t many urbanites who try it for themselves. Many that do are either wealthy or retired.

Join us on our journey away from the city lights as we embark on a sometimes hilarious, sometimes harrowing expedition to adopt a rural lifestyle. I’m not talking about a move-the-city-with-you- to-your-luxury-cabin-in-the-woods lifestyle, either. No, I’m talking about a move-to-the-country-with-no-money lifestyle. We did what I later found most people only fantasize about: chucking it all and finding your slice of rural paradise. Through sheer hard work and no small slice of luck, we succeeded. (Bear Poop is still an unpublished manuscript.)



Life 101: 101 Lessons in Simple Living

After extensive reading of every book I could lay my hands on, I concluded that the Simple Living movement has been hijacked by a certain political and philosophical demographic, leaving the rest of us out in the cold.  To me, simplicity isn’t (necessarily) about living green, chucking all your possessions, or espousing a certain political view.  I became increasing frustrated by my inability to find a book that reflected my beliefs about simple living.


To me, true simple living is about fulfilling vows of fidelity and support with one’s spouse; about raising children with love and discipline; about living a scaled-back lifestyle and avoiding debt; about maintaining one’s health; and most importantly about keeping a proper attitude so that life’s difficulties can be overcome with less stress.

Imagine how simple your life would be if you and your spouse loved each other dearly, if your children were well-behaved and respectful, if you had no debt and a home in proportion to your needs, and you were in good health.  Wow.  Can’t get much simpler than that.

That’s what Life 101 is all about.

(My agent is currently seeking placement for this manuscript.)